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OHC Technology Display: our diode laser October 24, 2014

This mom ends up happy after 2 minutes with Dr. Johnson and his Picasso diode laser. Find out why.

OHC Technology Display: our CO2 laser October 24, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXsG_R-aMNI Oral Health Clinic uses the latest technology that few offices in Iowa take advantage of. One is our CO2 laser, that helps surgically cut gums with no bleeding, and is virtually painless afterward (the patient took ibuprofen for 3-4 days). Unlike the old school scalpel, it produces no blood, no need for suture, it [...]

New Hours take effect February 2015 October 24, 2014

OHC’s new hours will be 7 aM – 4 PM, Monday through Thursday. These hours of business begin February 15, 2014. All appointments already made will be honored as scheduled.


7AM - 5PM


1225 Copper Creek Drive
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